Green Building Training & Certification Programs

Green jobs have been growing rapidly in the US. According to a recent report by the Pew Charitable Trust, green jobs have increased by over 9% a year since 2000, compared just 3% for the overall economy. This trend is expected to continue as spending on new green construction and on green renovation is expected to double over the next 5 years. Those whose jobs include building, maintaining or selling residential or commercial properties are well advised to get training on green techniques in order to be prepared for the changes that are coming.

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GBCI Certification Individual Courses Green Building

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Beginning with the heavy push for alternative energy, society is constantly looking for companies and individuals providing alternative methods in every industry– predominately moving toward “green” alternatives. Homeowners and buyers as well as commercial property owners are looking more and more for contractors and other professionals that are capable of providing green building serivces.

As with all industries, contractors, engineers, architects and real estate professionals are always looking for niches where competition hasn’t yet ventured into. Green Building, though becoming more and more popular, is still an area where many have yet to venture. As a competitive professional, you should already know: getting in at the right time tends to pay off very well.

Our extensive online catalog of Green building Training and Certification Programs have been designed for ambitious individuals looking to expand their skill set and branch off into the world of green building.

GBCI Certification Programs

Green Building Certification Programs GBCI Credits Cost
Residential Green Building Certification Program 4.0 $105
Commercial Green Building Certification Program 8.0 $250
Green Infrastructure Guidelines Certification Program 16.0 $420

Individual Courses

Green Infrastructure Courses Hours Cost
Best Practices for Construction 1 $35
Best Practices for Utilities 1 $35
Best Practices for Streetscape 2 $70
Best Practices for Stormwater Management 3 $105
Best Practices for Landscape 3 $105
Best Practices for Pavement 3 $105

Green Building Training Courses

Green Building Courses Hours Cost
Building Commissioning 1 $35
Building Energy Use 2 $70
Construction Administration 1 $35
Indoor Environment 1 $35
Operations & Maintenance 1 $35
Water and Product Selection 1 $35
Water Management 1 $35

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